12th Annual Pardeeville Community Car & Truck Show

Saturday, September 5th  2015  8:00 a.m. – 4:00p.m

Mark your calendars for the 13th Annual Pardeeville Community Car & Truck Show Saturday, September 3rd  2016  8:00 a.m. – 4:00p.m

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Pardeeville Car Show 2015 Aerial View

Thanks to our friends at NSA Aerial for the amazing video.

Hot Rod Radio

Come and experince the continuing adventures of Captn Bob and Arlo from Wisconsin Hot Rod RadioCaptn Bob and Arlo will be providing music, entertainment and will emcee the awards.

A BIG thank you!

It is with heartfelt gratitude in humbleness that we wish to thank everyone who attended and/or had a part in making the 2015 Pardeeville Community Car & Truck Show a success this year. Each year the Show is held on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend in the beautiful Chandler Park. Each person from the prayers on our behalf, to baking of homemade pies, to working on the grounds at the various departments such as concessions, judging, parking, to donating items for the Silent Auction, to giving of your time and/or monetary donations is appreciated more than our words can express. 

News and Announcements

  • The 12th Annual Pardeeville Community Car & Truck Show packed 850 cars into the park 
  • Did we do it? Did we break our 800 car record? Stay tuned...
  • Check out the new Photogallery with 1500 photos. VOTE for your favorite 
  • The 12th Annual Pardeeville Community Car & Truck Show was amazing. Sunny and warm.