Pardeeville Carshow September 4th, 2021.

Our Mission

Mission Statement

We desire to provide wholesome, interesting activities for our youth. This provides them with opportunities to demonstrate responsibility and leadership in community service, both here and abroad.

Car Show Bible Verse

“I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.”  -Philippians 4:13

In 2004 Young Adults Founders of this event chose to give to local, national and global missions.


Friends in need in our community receiving donations will remain anonymous.
Village of Pardeeville
Pardeeville Fire Department Pardeeville
River Haven Homeless Shelter Portage
Special Medical needs in
our community- Please note: recipients will not be named - Pardeeville
Columbia County
Manor Wyocena
North Woods, Inc. Portage
Local food pantry Pardeeville
Pardeeville Community Car & Truck Show High School Scholarship Pardeeville
Wisconsin Bookworms early literacy Portage
Rascals & Rockers Day School – postage for military care pkgs. Randolph
CEF – Portage
Boys Scouts Pardeeville
MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers)


Hurricane Katrina
Alzheimer’s Fund
Cancer Fund
Car Show has a Corvette Memorial Cancer Fund In memory of Karen Severson from Cottage Grove, Wisconsin Donation given to local cancer patient- local person
And continuing donations to UW-
Paul Carbone Cancer Research Center – Madison Wisconsin


Cebaara Bible printing
Animal Shelter
Bible Baptist Church Local
Sailor living in Naples, Italy
Iron Wood Springs Christian Ranch – Operation Welcome Home Retreats – MN (Project: Helps Soldiers to reunite with their families upon returning from war).

Donations given to different organizations in the USA for missionaries serving in different areas of the globe. Donated is where missionaries are from.

Ivory Coast – Pardeeville, WI *
Ethiopia Black Earth *
Haiti – Dr. Anthony *
Central Asia Pardeeville *
North American Indigenous Ministries – Tacoma Washington note: Group of 11 Indigenous Native American dancers attended car show. Silent donor from Washington made it possible for dancers to share their culture, day of show. Awesome!! To God Be The Glory.
Campus Crusade – Montello, WI
InterVarsity – Pardeeville WI *
The Navigators – Pardeeville WI
Papa New Guinea - Pardeeville WI *
Niger – Pardeeville, WI *
Sierra Leon – Dr. Anthony *
Mali – Dr. Anthony *
Burkina Faso Dr. Anthony *
Nigeria – Dr. Anthony *
OnSite International, Inc. – Pardeeville WI *

* means they have volunteered serving day of our carshow.

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