Pardeeville Carshow September 4th, 2021.

18th Annual Trophy List and Classes

Trophy Information

2. Best of Show Stock
3. Best of Show Modified
4. Best Engine
5. Best Paint
6. Best Interior
7. Participants Choice
8. Village President’s Choice
9. Missionary Choice
NOTE: 1 trophy per car with no exceptions
A—Stock 1949—prior years
B—Stock 1950—1959
C—Stock 1960—1963
D—Stock 1964—1966
E—Stock 1967—1968
F—Stock 1969—1970
G—Stock 1971—1979
H—Stock 1980—1994
I—Stock 1995—2007
J—Stock 2008—present
K—Modified 1946—1959
L—Modified 1960—1966
M—Modified 1967—1970
N—Modified 1971—1979
O—Modified 1980—1994
P—Modified 1995—2007
Q—Modified 2008—present
R—Street Rods 1900—1934
S—Street Rods 1935—1948
T—Stock Truck 1965—prior years
U—Stock Truck 1966—1999
V—Stock Truck 2000—present
W—Modified Truck 1965—prior years
X—Modified Truck 1966—present
Y—All Corvette Stock 1953—1982
Z—All Corvette Stock 1984—present
AA—All Corvettes Modified 1953—present
BB —Vipers, Sports Cars, Cobras, Factory 5, Exotics & Kit Cars
CC—Full Custom
DD—Survivor 1985—prior Years *See guidelines
EE— Rat Rods
FF— Pro Street
GG—Import Classic, 1989—prior years HH— Stock Import 1990—present
II —Modified Import 1990—present
JJ——Judges Cars, participant judging, vehicles located in judge car corral.
KK——Vintage, Historic/Nostalgic Race cars—CROWD JUDGING on this class only: Participants & spectators pick your favorite race car! Ballots available at the canopy on the football field.

Registration Fees  

Day of Show Registration

$10/Judged (1st 300 receive dash plaque)

$5/Show Only

$15/cars with “for sale” signs

Spectators Admission

Free-will donation

Vendor Spots Available

Additional Information


  1. Winner of Trophies must be present to receive their trophy immediately, or have a designated representative to collect it at the time of distribution, or forfeit the trophy.
  2. In order to get everyone in and parked quickly, there will be no reserved parking. If your club wants to park together, you must arrive together.
  3. All vehicles to be judged must be registered by 12:00 noon.
  4. Guidelines for Survivors: Exteriors, Interiors and Engines must be 100% orginal to qualify for the Survivors class. Replacemnt due to wear on items like tires, hoses, belts and exhausts is acceptable.

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